Marketing Software for Blogger Outreach Influencer Marketing

Businessmen and businesswomen are moving towards influencer marketing from traditional marketing because now-a-days because it is one of the most effective ways to promote business, blogs, and such alike.

Although, influencer marketing can consume a lot of your time, you can make it more effective by using Outreach Tools to extend outreach, boost content share and influencer buyer’s behavior.

Here are 10 most useful softwares to help you.


Find the biggest database of influencer network and multiple medium of contacts with world’s best fraud detection feature. Along with that, business units will find a dashboard where they will get all-inclusive and most accurate analytics and sales forecast to track influencer campaign activities and monitor their milestones achieved on different social media.


It’s one of the best tools available to find your niche and make your pitch be that for a guest blog or link building. Their top features include filtering by type, location, and content.


Traackr lets you customize your approach in the future by showing you the parts which have gone wrong in your outreach step. Here, the influencers are scored to help you find the right influencer along with tools to track conversion rates and importing contacts.


Tomoson has it’s own audience of influencers signed up on their website. All you have to do is find the right one for your business. Conducting a search here is free of any cost. Results for each influencer can show you information such as website visitors, social media users, percentage completion and total reach for your campaign.


Pitchbox focuses on time and energy saved for your outreach campaign. This website contains some great features for outreach such as prospecting, scalable outreach, automated follow-up, integration of email clients, relationship manager and performance reporting.


BuzzStream is most famous for its automatic research feature. A custom list of URLs lets this website do all the work for you like finding websites, contact informations, social metrics and so on.


When it comes to linking back to your website, Mailshake has the upper hand compared to all other softwares. It notifies other brand of their mentions in your post and sends a request of guest post. This tool makes linkbaiting, which is one of the most trickiest SEO, a lot easier.


As in says on the website, this website is quite simple and similar to other tools for blogger outreach. It does differ in one way however which is it searches the entire internet constantly to find blogs in your niche. It creates a simple pathway for users to find appropriate bloggers and conduct outreach.


One of the most popular outreach tools because of its versatile platform to provide a software which can be used by any user with any language from any location. This website has a few unique features such as personalized email templates, automated email outreach, tracking email statistics.


Klear breaks down sites by key metrics like link builder profiles, social influence and such. This websites helps you spend your outreach time more effectively and efficiently. Its main feature is the detailed data it provides in its reports so that you can use all the information you need to use to your advantage.