Outreach Tool Comparison – Adinject vs NinjaOutreach vs Buzzstream vs Pitchbox

Are you also tired of using different tools for each stage of your influencer marketing campaign?

We are bringing forward a new outreach tool for you to run all your campaign related activities in one place – Adinject.com.

Why is it called the the best outreach platform?

In Adinject, marketing automation is done simpler and unknots the complexity or running an outreach tool. Here, we provide a chance to reach influencer, bloggers, affiliates, and business prospects independently.

Also why it is called the best outreach platform is because we provide a tremendous database which is organized in a manner to run an effortless search for your prospects. We offer business prospects to be found on our database for organizations looking to further explore B2B marketing field and acquire suitable niche for a strong marketing automation.

We have customized email templates for each party one by one. You can just choose one or create your own email template to start your outreach campaign. The most phenomenal part is both sender of emails and recipients can use the available tips and tools to avoid spam.

Additionally, the outreach tools show the progress of your campaign status including email activity, click rates, conversion rates and so on, staging of recipients, and an overall overview of campaign activity.

To pique your interest even more, we offer something that no other website does – a free subscription with 1k outreach email and many more features.
In conclusion, NinjaOutreach, Buzzstream and Pitchbox have their own unique features but when it comes to the best outreach platform for marketing automation, Adinject.com is the place to go to.