SEO Techniques – 5 Steps to Optimize Your Website

Search engine optimizations.

The first three words that pops into your head when asked about what SEO is. But there’s more to it.

The ultimate goal of SEO is to rank your page higher on the search engine results. It’s a continuous link building process that needs constant testing and monitoring.

Here are 5 tips to formulate an unique strategy for website optimization.

Define audience needs. Just like any other marketing campaign, knowing the audience and discovering their needs that aren’t being met is the very first step. This is how you will be coming up with content which is relevant. If you want your content to be linkbait, know what the target audience is looking for.

Dig up targeted keywords. Keyword research is the key to a successful SEO campaign. As you get to know your audience more, with relevant content will surface targeted keywords. Take the longer route to find such keywords which you probably have not come across in the initial phase of research. Link building will automatically be apt and  result in a higher conversion rates.

Don’t overwork keywords and stay original. Diving into the SEO sphere, you will want to go overboard with keywords hoping to increase your website’s rank. You may want to take a step back because Google has eyes everywhere. Google’s over optimization penalty can detect the overuse of keywords so that you are not overly SEO’ed. That also should prevent you from copying contents and forming two URLs for the same text.

On-site and off-site optimization. For your on-site optimization, make sure to have title tags and meta descriptions with well researched and optimized keywords. Other on-site things to keep in check are your content length, links, images and text formats.

Off-site optimization, also known as link building, is basically getting other websites to link to your website. A page’s ranking gets higher as it gets more organic link which you should be targeting for.

Avoid stretching keyword density. Your contents need to be as natural as possible. It should sound like it’s providing a solution for the readers and trying less just to increase page ranking. While keyword density is useful, a valuable content is more credible.

Ultimately, without spending a lot of money, naturally you can run a successful campaign.