Top 5 SEO Metrics to Get Web Insight

SEO has a deeper meaning than just search engine optimization. It’s the design, writing, and the links. Although, different websites have different type of metrics that should be taken account, these following 5 factors apply to all websites.


For every business the first step to SEO is using keywords. But what organizations often fail to understand is this itself doesn’t bring pouring down the revenue you’re expecting to make. Which is why a well thought out and researched list of keywords should be used and placed increase rank.


Then there’s the myth of getting as many links as possible. Businesses send out thousand of emails using outreach tools and get marked as spams only resulting in downfall of their website. Having thousands of link of low quality is the worst thing you can do to your website. You need high quality authentic with high ranking links.

Web Traffic

Traffic is important. Organic traffic is even more crucial but just like links, getting thousands of visitors to a website in a day will do no good unless your sales increases. A website may get only 1000 traffic but if it makes 300 sales compared to a website which has 6000 visitors with 30 sales will result higher in search engine.


Successful SEO campaigns depend on high conversion rates which is to convert visits into purchase. It requires a lot of major factor to consider like quality content, keywords, backlinks etc. High conversion rates should always be evaluated and changes should be made if necessary.


Conversions are a necessity for your website to be successful but it doesn’t always bring the revenue which is needed. Revenue is the ultimate SEO metric. If it doesn’t bring revenue, your campaign strategy needs to be changed accordingly.

These SEO metric should help your website reach success and definitely a profitable one.