Top 10 Influencer in Brazil to Follow on Instagram

Brazil – a home to thousand gorgeous islands. It is known for its natural beauty, lovable people, samba, carnival festivals, and, of course, football. Those of us who have heard the song ‘to Brazil’ by Vengaboys still hum to it two decades after it was released.

When it comes to dominating the social media, the Brazilians are more than up to snuff.

Here are top 10 of the most terrific influencers on instagram to follow.

  1. Natti Vozza graduated with a degree in fashion. She is trying to create a safe harbor from everyday distress through her blog.

2. A Brazilian beauty, Camila Coelho, who loves blogging about fashion, beauty, and travel. She offers English and Portuguese version of her blogs to connect to a bigger audience.

3. Along with a fantastic smile, Anne Barreto’s fitness and wellness tips will help you curate your wardrobe to look fabulous in anything starting from casual clothes to beachwear.

4. For Thássia Naves fashion is not just a hobby. She is one step ahead by getting a degree from Istituto Marangoni in Paris.

5. Cesar Ovalle’s photographs on instagram captures cityscapes and urban architecture with unparalleled style. Each picture is a story in itself.

6. Paulo Delvalle is a traveler, a story teller, and a gifted photographer. Even though he has traveled many countries, most of his pictures are dedicated to his own country Brazil.

7. Danny Zappa is is an adroit photographer and content creator with a very high sense of creativity. He transforms the most mundane of pictures into something captivating.

8. Alexandre Urch’s feed gives you a fresh perspective about life and takes you to states of sonder as captures ordinary people going about their ordinary life.

9. With a hint of shadow in every picture, Tato Villanova seizes myriad moments of rural and urban Brazil through her pictures.

10. Renata Pedrosa specializes in underwater photographs. Her feed also contains pictures of blue sky and beaches — one of the most outdoorsy instagram account.