Top 10 Influencers in Australia

Since the last decade or so, social media has been rising and now it’s dominating with ubiquitous effect. People spend more time liking, commenting, sharing posts these days more than ever. It is a great source for instant knowledge seekers and for endless entertainment. Marketers could not leave this sector unexplored. Thus began, influencer marketing. There is no specific criteria for anyone to become an influencer but there are only few who are doing it right.

Australia has even decided to celebrate this exquisite talent by awarding 50 influencers every year for adding value to the digital sphere. Let’s take a look at the top 10 who made a difference in 2017.

  1. howridiculus was originated by three sport fanatics Derek, Brett, and Scott. They started back in 2009, when they would just do simple trick shots. As the shots got harder, more ideas started to spring up. Before they knew it, they were filming videos and now they have total of 137k followers on instagram.

2. Lexi and Steve, two photographers and bloggers who believe “a picture speaks 1000 words, and if that’s true, then a great picture can say so much more.” On their website you will find such impeccable photos with elegantly written blogs.

3. Digital space is big enough to fit everyone, especially the modern mums. NOT SO MUMSY is for women embracing motherhood in style. Marcia Leone, from lifestyle journalist to Marketing and Events Manager, took inspiration from her pregnancy period and invested into her own venture. Years later she became an iconic figure to all modern mamas.

4. Ashley Schuberg has three major interest – fashion, travel, and lifestyle. She combined the three and gave birth to a brand – Miss Gunner. She has a history of working with renowned brands such as Microsoft, UNIQLO, Dyson, Next, Myer and so on. On her instagram account she has about 287k followers. She was also considered as one of Australia’s fastest growing influencers in the fashion space.

5. Chloe Ting started off blogging not knowing it would one day become a full time job. Now she is on number 5 on the list of top 50 influencers of Australia. She is fitness model with 253k followed on her instagram account and even has her own fashion series on cable TV.

6. An architecture graduate and photographer, Li-Chi Pan presents beautiful and inspiring content on her instagram where she has more than 500k followers. Her high quality content has led her to work with influential brands like Audi, Country Road, Dior, Ladurée, Nespresso and Tiffany & Co and more.

7. Founders Dasha and Colin Gold are running one of the leading online women’s and men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine with over 800K unique readers each month according to their website. They have worked with many powerful fashion brands and as a result,  have ended up in Chandon Australia’s #livelifeunplanned campaign.

8. “I’m finally part of this craze. Let’s just see if I can keep it up,” Jake Bley said in his first tweet in June 2011. Now he has over 50k followers  on instagram and 75k+ subscribers with over 2 million views on Youtube – TheDiaryofJake. He is mostly known for his LGBT content.

9. Emily Collie explores the city of Melbourne and her blogs has only one goal “to immerse all our readers in the perfect Melbournian lifestyle!” melbournegirl has about 101k followers on instagram. Her website gives insights on what to do and where to stay along shopping tips, design and art and so much more! It’s a compelling website with a little of almost everything in Australia.

10. Finally, the 10th influencer among the top 50 is angrydad. An angry father Mark’s reactions get filmed under different encounters by his two sons – Dylan and Mitchell. At the beginning their content was considered too sensitive but now it has led them to gain 80 million views on Facebook and Youtube collectively.

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