Top 10 Influencers in India on Instagram

From Grumpy Cat to Superwoman(Lilly Singh), the influencers ruled throughout 2017. According to Forbes, influencer marketing will still be trending in 2018. So,till now you’ve met the top influencers in Brazil, Canada, and Australia.  

It’s time to see who are running the show in India.

1. Ayushi Bangur is an Economics graduate from Mumbai. She started her journey in 2010, and now she has a penchant to express herself through her own style and phenomenal fashion sense she has acquired from around the world.

Instagram: styledrive

2. Dheeraj Sharma, a passionate traveler and a software project manager, who also professes to be a “Lover of Himalayas”. Every now and then, he drives to unknown places to Himalayas to discover it’s endless beauty piece by peace along with a portion of himself.

Instagram: devilonwheels

3. Mansi Zaveri is a mother of two kids who is also tech savvy. She used this quality to build a one-stop station – where parents can stay updated about parenting news and latest reviews of products to raise their children better and at the same time be great at work place.

Instagram: kidsstoppress

4. Shahnawaz Karim is behind the most comprehensive automotive website – Wheels Guru. This website encompasses informations from two/four wheeler launches to vehicle comparisons and more! Here readers can connect and gain knowledge from purely personal views.

Instagram: wheelsguru

5. Harsh Agrawal, from New Delhi, India, the man behind ShoutMeLoud , started it as a passion and now 900,000+ readers are actively seeking this website for tips on managing blogs, WordPress, social media, SEO, and making money online.

Instagram: shoutmeloudcom

6. Ryan Pereira wanted to help people understand body and mind better which resulted in what we know today as Bombay Fitness project. This blog is all about healthy food, active-wear, fitness tech, psychology and motivation.

Instagram: bombayfitnessproject

7. Ranveer Allahbadia – a certified fitness and wellness coach – wants to make India a fitter place. He himself is a stellar example how people can change themselves if they have enough motivation and positivity in them.

Instagram: beerbiceps

8. Created in 2010 by Gia Kashyap, Gia Says That is full of creativity and fashion tips. She has previously worked as graphic designer, fashion columnist and now currently owns a t-shirt business. Her blogs led her to work with famous brands like UCB, Shopper’s Stop, BIBA and many others.

Instagram: giasaysthat

9. Shalini Chopra is from Bangalore and her blog is called Stylish By Nature. This website holds  blogs about fashion trends, exotic food items and bollywood. Readers are also allowed to make purchase from this website. She had the opportunity to work with UCB, Pia Pauro and Food Panda.

Instagram: stylish_by_nature

10. Sonu Bohra and Jasleen Gupta fusioned western concepts with Indian ideas and gave birth to Fashion Bombay. Their idea is to make ethnic wear look incredible. Constant fitness updates and tips on budget shopping guided them to work with brands like Samsung, Amante, Calvin Klein and many more.

Instagram: fashionbombay