Top SEO Blogs To Follow

Moz is recognized as one of the most trusted sites. For any beginner Moz has all the up-to-date resources, tips, and experiments to learn all about SEO. Moz ensures it’s high quality though picking specific contents from experienced SEO professionals.

Even though Search Engine Journal’s main focus is SEO, they also offer content on social media, pay-per-click (PPC) guides, advertising and news all the while keeping readers updated with tips and news on SEO.  

Find anything related to search engine here at Search Engine Land. They primarily focus on SEO along with search engine products, tips and educational information on SEO.

Search Engine Watch covers the broader aspects of SEO with it being it’s main center of attention. It covers from educational information on the industry, SEO, PPC and analytics guides, local SEO tips and tons of other attractive features.

SEOBook, unlike previous websites, focuses only and only on SEO. In fact, it sometimes goes too deep and technical for beginners to understand which is why this site is best for learners who already have some basic idea about SEO.