Write Your Next SEO-Friendly Blog Post Using These 10 Tips

You’re probably already a writer and now you’re thinking how to make it better to attract more audience. The one thing that you definitely know about SEO-friendly blog posts is using keywords but ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’- too many keywords can make it seem very unnatural and unpleasant to read which defeats the purpose of SEO in the first place.

What else can you do to make it better?

1.Through Keyword Research

SEO is solely focusing on natural and quality content marketing, but keywords are still a big part of SEO. Do a thorough research for keywords and place them correctly in your blog posts.

2.Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are not as much effective as short keywords but they do help in getting higher ranking and are more relevant to the reader. Readers find more information and deep meaningful content in long phrases.

3.Structure Your Post

Go with the generic introduction, body, and conclusion structure but before that, figure out the content and its placement. Try to use short paragraphs even if you have to use more than two or three. It gives readers an instant satisfaction which will keep bringing repetitive readers.

4.Use External Links

Create a trustworthy user experience by backlinking to authoritative websites like Wikipedia, and websites that end with edu, gov, and so on. It will result in getting a higher ranking in search engine results along with more traffic.

5.Use Relevant Headings

Headings give the entire blog post a meaning and gives google a chance to fully understand what the post might be about. Not only Google but also readers who are more likely to read posts with catchy and interesting with informative headings.


Categories help readers with search so it’s imperative to use tags that are pertinent. There should not be more than 24 categories in total and your each should fall under 3 categories at least.

7.Share and Let Share

You should share your blog posts on social media pages to let other people share your posts. For this the best places are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Few good tips to write a SEO-friendly post won’t be enough. Remember that your content has to be relatively well written and then you can apply these 7 tips to get a higher ranking.