3 Steps to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Affiliates earn commission by endorsing a product and the commonly use the pay-per-action method which is a way for a blogger to make money only if the reader takes an action such as asking for details about the product, and making a purchase.
Any powerful content will bring loyal readers and loyal readers lead to high conversion rates.
But there are other ways to increase conversion rates. Here are three of them.
Affiliate Program
Once you have your marketing content strategies all set up, you should now focus on choosing affiliate programs and they need to be reliable. However, you have to do it based on the type of articles you are posting. Say you are posting a blog posts for a specific niche – vehicle parts. So, you have to learn to be an affiliate for vehicle merchandisers. Most of the affiliates start with Amazon’s affiliate programs because of the variety of products that it offers fitting almost any niche and because of its lucrative commission rates.

Integrate Affiliate link
Readers like to read posts which come easily, naturally. It is important to use backlinks but too much of it can feel forced and led to the misconception that more links will earn more money. There should a balance between reader experience and monetization. Keep your posts as much organic as possible and one of the best way to do it is by keeping most of the posts ad-free.

Aggregator Service
There is a high chance you have a diversifies blog posts for different types of products. Now, applying to affiliate programs for each sort of product involves a lot of hassle. Take help from websites like VigLink which gives you access to 30,000 affiliate programs and monetizes links on your site for you. It also has a topnotch link insertion technology links mentions of products in a blogpost to the specific product’s affiliate program.

Like Josh Waldron, founder of creative design firm Studio JWAL LLC says,
“If an individual is looking to monetize their blog, I would make a strong case for affiliate marketing as the best avenue for doing so,” says.