5 Important of SEO metrics in Digital Marketing

Like any other metrics, SEO metric measures the success of your work as a digital marketer. So there are many metrics to look out for. Here are 5 of them.

Local visibility
It is possible that your business contains three or more physical locations that the customers can visit, you need a way to keep track of all those locations. You need to check when people are typing your town or industry, your specific location should appear on the results.

Page Crawled Per Day
What Google Search Console does is count the number of pages have been crawled in a day for 90 days. There is crawl budget and it faces a problem if you have thousands of pages but only a few are getting crawled in your website.

Copying of Titles
Google Search console can also help you find duplicate titles on you website. When multiple pages have the same titles and descriptions, Google lowers your the topical authority and results in low ranking in search results.

CTR – Click Through Rate is the percentage of links on your website shown in a search result that are clicked by the readers. Google Search Console lets you have a search analytics on CTR. It is quite important as it help you know how well your page ranks on search results and also the worth of your content to people.

Organic Rates
You may have a lot of visitors on your website but that does not mean there is a lot of conversion rates which is why it needs to be measured regularly. You have to make sure you website is appealing enough for people to not just only visit but also make a purchase. This will show your true place in search results.