5 Ways to Improve Email Subject Lines for your Blogger Outreach Campaign

Talking to a stranger can be pretty difficult but at least you can see their expressions.
Writing to a stranger to get them to promote your product? It is as scary as it can get for a businessman. When it comes to promoting contents and acquiring backlinks, blogger outreach is the way to go.
How can you reach these bloggers when they have so much on their plate? You have emails to the rescue. But you are not the only one trying to contact them. Before even opening your email, they will read the subject lines and this is where you have to stand out.

Use these 5 tips to help you improve.

1. Be different each time
The world may be running on machines but the blogger must feel that there is a person behind the screen writing those emails. It increases the chance of open rates and conversion rates. Be sure to change your subject lines each time you send out an email but stay focused on your goal in your writing.

2. Fewer words and more action
The days of big screens are far gone. Your blogger outreach campaigns are mostly presented to the bloggers through smartphones by default. These smaller screens call for shorter texts. Using 50 characters or less is the best option here. Basically, 30 to 40 words should be enough to pique your reader’s interest.

3. Keep your “From” clear
Help your readers review your email from just your subject line. They need to be reassured that it’s not a spam. Write something which is tailored to their own interest. It is also recommended that you use the company’s name instead of an individual’s name to develop stronger branding.

4. Triggers must be avoided
Blogger outreach campaigns get difficult sometimes because most of the bloggers get hundreds of emails along with thousands of spams. Trigger spam filters like % off, donate, sale will send your emails to spam box and chances of emails being opened will be miniscule.

5. Don’t try to sell
Email communication needs to be casual like you are talking to a friend or colleague but don’t start with a “whassup?”. You need to try to get to know them and appreciate their work through your initial emails before you can make an offer. Make sure your subject line doesn’t consist of an immediate sales pitch.

Professional tone and grammar check is a must. It’s best to test them out before your start sending your emails. You can then track your open rates and make appropriate adjustments according to your results for your campaign to succeed.