7 Advertising _ Affiliate Marketing Examples

Blogging has been given the stature of self-medication which is probably why it has taken off in the recent years. However, it’s not just therapeutic. You can also make money off it mostly through advertising and affiliate marketing along with content rich blogs just like the following 11 websites are doing so.

With a different type of niche: consumer finance, Nerdwallet reviews financial products from credit cards to investments. They have exceptional contents and stellar user interface. Even though they are a fully an affiliate site, they do not have any ads or sell their own products.

Unlike Nerdwallet, MoneySavingExpert focuses on personal finance to help ordinary people. Their only money making way is through affiliate links. However, they do not accept any advertisements or sponsored posts. What sets them apart is their different tactics such as coupons and loan or mortgage calculators.

When it comes to electronics, gadgets and consumer goods, wirecutter is everyone’s favourite. Through consumer product reviews, wirecutter helps people get own the best product in consumer category. Their monetization model includes affiliate commissions from Amazon and BestBuy.

With a jumbled up niche, DatingAdvice wants to provide fun site unlike other dating sites with plenty of conditions. Their targeted audience involves dating websites and their goal is to help people find the right website. They allow some sponsored posts along with reviews of popular dating sites.
A traditional computer site for computer parts. Through PCPartPicker you can buy all the latest part of a personal computer within your personal budget. It also allows you to check compatibility by cross-referencing. This site’s goal is to help build up-to-date computers. They monetize completely through affiliate links along with reviews of individual parts and previous pricing data.

Infusionsoft vs ONTRAPORT
It’s a small site with only 7 pages. The best part about this website is it’s very specific goal which is to help people choose between Ontraport and InfusionSoft. Having such a focused niche gives this site a high value. Since this website runs on affiliate commission and both the softwares are highly expensive, commissions from each purchase is highly lucrative as well.

Most affiliate sites are based on finance or travel, and The Points Guy has cracked the code for driving organic traffic for his travel blogs. His website tells the story of how to reap benefits from credit cards to travel spending as less as possible and even free at times. His monetization model involves credit card and travel affiliate programs.