10 Rules You Should Follow For Your Blogger Outreach Campaign

Mistakes lead to perfection, but sometimes, too many mistakes and a careless attitude can tumble your business. Which is why you need to remember these 10 tips for an effective blogger outreach campaign.
Do your research to uncover a new genre of niche. There is a higher chance of developing a stronger relationship with influencers and bloggers if you stay proactively updated about relevant contents to blog about.
It’s not all about SEO. The first email is your last impression. To build a long term relationship with bloggers, they need to feel that the email was sent by a human and not SEO-based-words-injected-computerized-automated software. There are outreach tools which lets you personalize your emails to avoid any impression of pretended behavior.
Utilize blogger’s other social channels. Instead of focusing on just blogs, use social medias like Twitter or Instagram along with Hashtags for your product’s promotion. You can check the engagement rates of bloggers in different social medias through different outreach tools.
Try to maintain regularity. You will gain your audience’s trust faster with a fruitful result, if your brand gets spoken about on a regular basis by the influencers and bloggers.
Visual appeal is vital. Whenever the bloggers are posting pictures with your product, make sure the posts don’t lack some oomph.
It’s not always all about business. Focus on developing a healthy long term relationship which will appear more credible for your audience and gain their trust.
Be humble in your approach. Don’t patronize bloggers by just falsely appearing to be a keen reader of their blogs. Show them you are thankful by actually reading their blogs, getting to know them and their growth on social media via various outreach tools available.
Mention bloggers on your channels. Just because you have worked with a blogger, doesn’t mean you have to sign them up for random mailing lists. Instead, promote their work on your channels to further stabilize your relationship.
Involve bloggers in your outreach strategy. Making the bloggers a part of your team will be beneficial. Take their suggestions on what you can improve. You may ask for recommendation about other bloggers and assess them through outreach tools but do not make them feel like they are being compared.
Don’t design your campaign on ad hoc basis. Try to conceive new ideas and embrace unheard options. Successful modern marketers constantly try to set themselves apart in their relevant industry. In conclusion, blogger outreach can be a complex process but remember, practice brings about promising results.