An Overview of Blogger Outreach

The social media is dominating the world and if you are a businessman, more traffic and shares for your website is just what you need, but be aware. Unlike before, writing up a content and hoping people will visit your website will surprise you disastrously.
So, what changed?
Social media marketing has been mainstream for the last decade or so, but now it has evolved significantly. It is now spotlighting quality over quantity – focusing on building relationships and links instead of communicating the same message to a larger audience.
The web is made of links and social influence affects those links. It doesn’t depend on how many fans and followers you have anymore because the same people may be liking and sharing your content. So, the path to success is blocked when social influence is not allowed to be diversified.
How to break free from this approach?
Introducing influencer marketing or blogger outreach process. The idea behind this process is that if a company wants to get more visibility for its product or service, it will outreach influencers who have a considerable amount of followers. The influencer will be asked to market the product in exchange of a fee, or, the product or service itself.
Blogger outreach benefits digital marketing in many ways. A reliable blogger will not undertake the work for just about any product. It results in a positive perception of the product which leads to boosted credibility, higher exposure and stronger trust from the audience. An unbiased review may actually introduce you to a new market. If set properly, blogger outreach can be cost effective and the return on investment can be quantifiable.
So, here are some do’s and don’ts to make blogger outreach work:
Do your research. The targeted bloggers have to be regular on social media and their followers must fall under the same category as your ideal audience. Use the media kit that most bloggers possess to measure their level of engagement, audience demographics, web traffic etc. Familiarize with their blogs as well.
Establishing relationships with a few potential bloggers is vital. It can be done via social media without an attempt to get any links in return. Take the first step and share their work seeking only a meaningful connection. Worst case scenario is they might not show any gratitude but it will add value to your link-building effort.
The next step is to email the prospective bloggers. Remember to tailor your emails to their blogs and bring up past interactions so they can remember you. Keep it short and simple along with a compelling offer but do not hit the send button as soon as possible. Your email needs to stand out from thousands of other spams. Grammar check and quality content can go a long way.
Follow up, confirm offer, and track. The next few steps are easy if a blogger undertakes your work. Bloggers, however, lead very hectic lives. If you really believe a particular blogger is right for your product’s image, a more personal approach may be necessary in case the blogger is too busy to get back to you.

Honesty and transparency is always appreciated. Don’t refrain your bloggers to speak negatively about the product. Allow the audience to be more intelligent by knowing all pros and cons of your product. Keep in mind that balanced reviews are more believable.
Finally, the bloggers are extremely busy. Don’t waste their time by being unreasonable with your requests or or insult them by offering something insignificant. For bloggers, a bad review is just a few keystrokes away.

Keep an open mind. Remember that a long term relationship is going to be mutually rewarding.