3 Best Methods for Affiliate Relationship Management

Affiliate marketing is a key component for a website to gain more traffic. For instance, if a company is selling sportswear, you should focus on finding affiliates who have tools to reach more sports enthusiasts, gym trainers, gym clients and so on.

If you’re managing your affiliates without any external help, it may get uncomfortable. You can always hire agencies to take care of it for you
However, if you’re doing it in-house, you need a few tips to get you started on the right foot.

Give communication preference a priority

It’s important to find proper schedules to communicate with your affiliates. Some may be only available at late hours and others may be regular 9 – 5 affiliate job holders. Try to figure out the affiliate’s preferred time to communicate as well as the method of communication such as emails, phone calls, sms etc. If you still cannot figure out the proper time, feel free to ask them politely. It reflects your avidity.

Communication should be two ways

Miscommunication is fatal. The best way to make affiliate relationship management work is to know the affiliate’s needs, making them feel part of the company and providing the right set of tools to promote your product. While you’re demanding results, help them to attain that goal. They may be working for you but you have to be prepared to present yourself the right way for them to be motivated enough to sell your product.

Seek out constructive criticism and feedback

No one likes to be criticized but asking affiliates to point out flaws and help discover room of improvement will elucidate the area of lacking. You can send out questionnaires, open ended questions via emails. Keep an option of anonymity for the affiliates to answer freely. Make sure to thank them after after all feedbacks have been taken and a sample of your plan to show them you’ll be implementing the results.

Any great relationship leads to great outcomes. Making affiliates feel valued will motivate to increase your sales which in result will be beneficial for the company.