How to Select a Great Blogger to Promote Your Product

Coming up with a campaign plan for your next product is the easy part. The complicated part is to find bloggers appropriate for the campaign.

You’ve heard about fancy terms like ‘viral marketing’ and ‘influencer marketing’. Now, finding a few bloggers on Google and chitchatting with them a little bit will not bring about a flood sales.

Bloggers lead a pretty busy life. They get thousands of email every day asking to promote some product they have never even heard about. The most noticeably bad part is they feel used after agreeing to endorse a product when merchants just cut all connection after a contract has expired.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid such a scenario.

Choose a channel where you can narrow down your search. For example, you could search specific, yet relevant, content on Pinterest. Instagram is another great media to find bloggers. You can just simply use a hashtag. They also offer recommendation for hashtags to broaden your research.

The best part is you can check if their blogs go with your brand for free! You are going to stumble upon quite a few bloggers who might be cut out for your campaign. Now it’s time to assess their social engagement status. Some bloggers may have a large following but very few have true devotees. Your job is to find bloggers who have quality contents with highly engaged readers.

Now that you have narrowed down your list, it’s time to find some similar bloggers who may be linked to your chosen ones. Bloggers tend to form a community, especially with the ones with similar status. Here, they try to help each other by gaining some extra followers for both parties. You can utilize such links to make your list of prospects a little longer.

Since you’ve got your list of qualified bloggers, begin your initial contact through outreach tools. For bloggers, their audience is everything. They don’t want to appear as shills for a company. It is important to approach them with respect and maintain a relationship which is commonly advantageous.