Best platforms to run Influencer campaigns

Facebook and Instagram are both popular platforms for advertising but how do you know where it’s going to be more beneficial for your business?

Let’s look at what they have both to offer.

Traffic Engagement
Performance of Ads

So which platform should you use?

When it comes to engagement rate, Instagram has the higher authority. A study on NewsWhip showed that for a particular brand, Instagram ends up with more likes and a higher engagement rate than Facebook.

For visibility, number matters and Facebook beats Instagram here. Facebook has a larger number of active users and from all age groups. Targeting any sort of audience is easier here because of its easy to use interface and familiarity. A Facebook page still has more user trust than an Instagram page.

Even though Facebook has larger audience of all age group, Instagram contains most of the younger audience. If your business want to target the younger group of 18 to 35, Instagram is the place to go to.

Whatever business you run, in this digitized era you will obviously want more click on your website’s link – something Instagram lacks in. Facebook allows you to use as many links as you want along with hashtags, whereas, Instagram will let you use only a maximum of 30 hashtags in your captions. So driving organic traffic is a lot more easier on Facebook.

Now that you have all information, which platform you use depends on the type of business you run and the type of audience you want to target.