Zoominfo VS Adinject – Comparison as a B2B Prospecting Tool

Comparisons show different range of possibilities and room for improvements.

This article will demonstrate what the two business prospecting websites have to offer for digital prospectors.

Adinject is a full stack digital marketing platform. You can enjoy business prospecting with millions of contacts in the database along with many other features. Adinject serves all your purposes in one place.

Zoominfo’s platform puts sales and marketing professionals in position to identify, connect, and engage with qualified prospects. It’s ultimate objective is profitable growth.

The table below will show the unique features they excel in.  

Influencer Outreach
Blogger Outreach
Affiliate Networking
B2B Prospecting
Pricing information on Website
Contact’s Phone Number
Email Templating
Auto Follow-Up Email
Email Scheduling
Reachout Chrome Extension
Negotiation Staging

Adinject just doesn’t focus on B2B prospecting. It has the means to provide a larger database for a 360 degree outreach campaign where companies can expand itself for a stronger marketing automation. With the most accurate analytics and sales forecast, Adinject tracks every penny invested by converting it in a statistical data – which is why it claims to be a full stack digital marketing platform.