Cost Analysis of Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is inherently cheaper than traditional marketing. Buying social media ads requires less money than commercial ads.As a result, organizations – small or big – are spending more on digital marketing according to The CMO Survey.

So what does 2018 has in store when it comes to online budgeting?

As indicated by Forrester Research and eMarketer,

  • 41% of marketing budgets of average firms will be allocated to online in 2018, which is expected to increase up to 45% by 2020
  • Search Engine marketing will take the second biggest share
  • Between 2016 to 2021, digital marketing is going back and forth resulting in an 11% compound annual growth rate
  • Online videos are booming at a higher rate than the others

When it comes to digital ad spending, B2B firms are forecasted to increase 13% of their spending next year up to $4.6 billion.

So how much are they influencers asking for?

The micro-influencer can charge from $300 for a post and for a macro – influencer it can go up to $41,000!

Now that you have an idea about the cost of demand and supply of the digital space, all you need is an affordable yet high result producing outreach tool.

Adinject –  a full stack digital marketing – at it’s beta version plans to provide a 360 degree solution to all your outreach complications, especially when it comes to costing. It’s most attractive feature which is a free sign up option with which you can outeach up to 500 affiliates and 50 influencers. There is a one month free trial where you can check out all the features that Adinject provides for a smoother outreach campaign.

Why is Adinject’s pricing more cost effective?

Say for example, you are an enterprise. You have decided to conduct email marketing, influencer marketing and affiliate marketing for your business. For email marketing you might want to go to Mailshake, for influencer marketing there is Buzzsumo or Ninjaoutreach, and for affiliate marketing you might choose Cj or Linkshare.

Now, with Mailshake you can only send emails and Linkshare starts their pricing from $3000. Either these tools have limited features or are too expensive for startups or even large enterprises at times.

Adinejct is aspiring to build a platform where you can get all features — outreaching influencers and bloggers, B2B prospecting, influencer marketing, campaign creation, affiliate marketing, outreaching PR and so on — at just $1499!

It also offers a free trial where you can check out all the features with limited access to help you understand the tool’s virtues before you go in depth.

As most businesses are undertaking digital marketing on their own, it is absolutely imperative to take up strategies which is financially savvy.