Guest Post Guideline Instruction by Google

With Google’s updated guidelines, it’s getting more and more confusing with how to carry out article marketing within the set rules of Google.

This article will focus on two major points of guest posting for a convenient marketing approach.

So the first guideline and the most important one is “Large scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text are technically against the webmaster guidelines.”

What it means is posting an article on any article directories is fine. However, when you post an article with anchor text linked to it toward the end of your article, that’s when it poses a problem for Google. If you do it once or twice, that’s fine but not on a large scale.

Next comes the matter of staying original. A guest post should be as authentic as possible. If a single line from your post shows 3000 results from Google search, it becomes obviously it has been syndicated and this is the kind of thing you should definitely avoid.

Then you should check out the website you’re guest posting for. You find a website with no social signal or comments and shares for quite a couple of articles in a website, you can guess that it’s just a website that accepts guest posts with no user interactions option available. These are the websites you will want to avoid. Authenticity of websites is as important as authenticity of you content.

To simply put it, your strategy for guest posting leaves a footprint for Google, and if you try to scale it up too much it shows you are trying to manipulate Google which is a big no-no as they have explicitly mentioned not to carry out large scale article marketing or guest posting. Remember to

  • Keep it to a minimum scale
  • Not duplicate contents everywhere
  • Post on authentic sites in your niche

For link building and internet marketing, article marketing is a great way of approach.