How to Manage a Remote Team

The traditional way of working has been considered outdated for a long time now. More and more companies are reaching out to freelancers from around the world. This form of globalization has resulted in a virtual workplace of employees. Manager, therefore, find it even more difficult to manage a team, especially, a remote one.

So, let’s look at some of the ways managers can handle a remote team effectively.

First off you need to build trust. For that you need authentic credentials. A lot of people can pretend to me smarted on screen. So it’s necessary for you as a manager to check thoroughly their competence, experience, background etc.

Smooth communication is your next item in your checklist for managing a virtual team. There are plenty of messaging apps that allows you to have discussion of both formal and informal. But not everything should be done over a messenger app. Sometimes you need to read emotions of a person while conducting a meeting which is why you need video conferences.

Whether you and your team is in the same time zone or different, while working remotely, you cannot expect answers to work progress immediately – one of the disadvantages of working remotely. What you can do is use a transparent and easy-to-use progress tracking and reporting system which will help all employees be on the same page along with a chance to give feedback. Set your objectives – be that weekly or yearly – and help your employees accomplish those tasks more productively.

Lastly, remember we’re not all robots. The employees do need to bond to trust each other and realize they’re all working to achieve the same goal which is the success of the organization. Off-work chat might just increase the productivity of employees. Personal meeting and travelling may also lead you to get some ideas for expanding your company – a win-win situation for all.