Importance of Coupon Voucher and Loyalty Sites in Affiliate Marketing

There are many different type of publishers in the world of affiliate marketing but sometimes they can be confusing and their value gets lost in the way when they are being brought to a brand.

On this article, i will be focusing on two specific type of publishers – coupon/voucher sites and loyalty/reward sites. Coupon/voucher sites offer customers a way to save a certain dollar amount whereas loyalty.reward sites give customers incentive to buy repetitively.

There are millions of coupon websites that promote affiliate products like RetailMeNot, Groupon, or Coupon Cabin making affiliate marketing a success. When it comes to affiliate popularity and success, coupons are the fastest gainer.

In loyalty sites, small portion of affiliate earnings are shared with loyal, repetitive customers.These rewards could be in the form of cashback, points, or even donations. The goal is to bring back the same customers.

Like any other marketing method, there are plenty of misconceptions about these websites as well. For example, coupon sites downgrades brand image or they do not monitor coupon use. Same misconceptions exist for reward sites that loyal customers would have made a purchase anyway.

What really happens is most customers look for products that have high quality but a lower price and that’s how coupons help. For loyalty sites, the consumers are loyal to the sites and not the brands so it’s hard to confirm that a particular brand would have had the customer in hand anyway.

What you need to do is first figure the niche you’re targeting and to make your affiliate marketing successful you need the best partnership with publishers to improve performance, acquire and retain customers.